Frequently Asked Questions

What’s wrong with “typical sports culture”?

A lot of us play in ‘typical’ sports leagues and have a great time. But in some ways they can be inaccessible and alienating for some. Maybe you don’t define your gender traditionally, and the league requires you to tick a binary ‘M or F’ gender box. Maybe you have a disability, and the league won’t or can’t accommodate your needs. Maybe you’re new to the sport, or intimidated by over-competitiveness, or just prefer to play in a league that welcomes everyone! Our league aims to provide a fun and encouraging space as an alternative to other leagues.

Where and when do you play?

We play at 600 Shaftesbury on Thursday nights. Exact times for each team can be found here.

How much does it cost to play?

Our league operates on a sliding scale from $30- $70 for full-time players. If you can afford the full price, please help us cover the costs for others who cannot. Payments are 100% confidential and no one other than the organizing committee will know how much you paid.

You can join as a substitute player for $10. You’ll be guaranteed 2 games throughout the summer with the possibility of more.

How are my registration fees being spent?

We are 100% volunteer-run and non-profit. Every dollar we take in will be put towards the league, including buying equipment, renting a diamond, and paying for social events. Because we are running this league cooperatively, we are open to suggestions about how funds should be spent in the future!

Should I register as a full-time player even if I have vacation planned this summer?

If you can make it to more than 2 games for the year, then yes! We will have substitute players available to cover for you while you’re away. If you can only play half the league games this summer, let us know in your registration and feel free to pay a reduced rate.

Can children and teens play in the league?

While we strive to be inclusive, unfortunately, for this year we can only accept players 18 years and over. We might consider making it an all ages league in future seasons; if this is of interest to you, let us know!