Tips for Beginners

If you are a total newb to the world of softball, here’s a few things you should know:

  • You’ll need a softball glove. (We will have extras on hand, but not enough for everyone). Your local new or used sporting equipment store should have some options- email us if you need help finding one.
  • When buying a softball glove, make sure you’re buying it for your non-dominant hand. You’ll be throwing with your dominant hand and catching with your non-dominant one. Make sure your hand fits in the glove, and make sure it’s big enough to hold a softball- baseballs are smaller so a baseball glove is not ideal.
  • On your feet: wear something you can run in, like cleats or sneakers. Sandals are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • On your body: wear something comfy that you can move in.
  • On your head/face: Sunglasses and ball caps are recommended in this sunny city! We will not require players to wear batting helmets (other than pitchers and catchers), but if you feel more comfortable doing so you are welcome to wear your own (or let us know and we’ll make sure to have one for you to use).